Star Wars Squadrons - Complete Set - 150 Buttons

$11.00 $39.00 -72% OFF

Star Wars Squadrons - Complete Set - 150 Buttons

$11.00 $39.00 -72% OFF
Product description
Star Wars Squadrons Final Mission

Inspired by the awesome Star Wars Squadron's space combat game, we present this awesome set of buttons for Game Commander.

Injection molded from high impact ABS plastic.

This amazing offer includes all three sets of the Star Wars Squadrons themed key caps (150 in total) for the price of two. With these custom key caps for Game Commander you will be able to configure your cockpit in unlimited combinations to suit your style of play and enhance your combat effectiveness.

The Buttons are printed with a carbon fibre effect and the icons are clear so that they can be back-lit as per the examples shown.  

What you get:

  • 150 Star Wars Squadrons themed, key caps for Game Commander.



Note: You are purchasing the custom key caps only, you will need to purchase a Game Commander (sold separately) to use them.

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