Game Commander - Star Wars Squadrons

$125.00 $167.00 -26% OFF

Backlight Colour

White Blue Green

Game Commander - Star Wars Squadrons

$125.00 $167.00 -26% OFF

Backlight Colour

White Blue Green
Product description

The Game Commander (Star Wars Squadron's Edition) features a set of 150 printed key caps inspired by the awesome Star Wars Squadron's game.

This keypad is awesome when used in conjunction with a joystick and throttle (HOTAS)  setup or can be used alongside keyboard and mouse. You can organise the keys to suit your play style and with the detailed printed icons you will never forget what button does what or stumble for the right action in the heat of battle.

Note: The keypad has thirty inputs and comes with all three sets of our specially produced star wars squadrons themed key caps (150 printed key caps in total) that you can arrange in almost unlimited ways to create your perfect cockpit set up.

The Game Commander features Cherry MX style mechanical keyboard switches as used by Razer, Logitech etc, and our own custom military/aerospace style key caps which are 25% larger than standard keyboard keys making it easier to hit the right button ion the heat of the action.

Game Commander works with a Windows PC and functions as a game controller/joystick with 30 buttons. You can use this right out of the box by assigning key bindings directly from within the Star Wars Squadrons game. It will also work with any other space sim type game.

You can use also use the joy-to-key programming utility. Which has also has all sorts of cool features to create custom key mapping etc.


What you get:

  • Game Commander Space Sim Edition (choose backlight colour when ordering)
  • All three Star Wars Squadrons Button Sets (150 interchangeable buttons)
  • USB Cable

Note: For those who have already purchased a Game Commander Unit the Star Wars Button sets are available to purchase separately from our Custom Key Caps Page


Product Specifications:

  • Width: 210mm
  • Depth: 220mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Weight: 1.06kg
  • Wired vis USB Cable (supplied)
  • Product materials: Mild steel case with ABS plastic keycaps
  • Key switches: Gaming grade mechanical switches with a satisfying click.




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