Game Commander - Military Edition

$125.00 $167.00 -26% OFF

Game Commander - Military Edition

$125.00 $167.00 -26% OFF
Product description

The Game Commander Military Edition is a heavy duty keypad input device for PC which features a set of 46 interchangeable key caps with a distinctly military feel.

The Game Commander Military Edition is designed for FPS and war games, so we built it like a piece of military hardware, the entire case is plate steel and the key caps are heavy duty ABS plastic, just like actual military spec keypads.

This awesome keypad is perfect for replacing the keyboard, the printed icons on the key caps mean that you never need struggle to remember what key does what. And with the buttons being 25% larger than a standard typists keyboard you will always hit the right button. 

Printed onto High impact ABS key caps are a carbon fibre design with clear backlit icons.

Additional key cap sets are available to buy, 

Note: The keys that come with this are the same as the Military Set 1 so don't buy that set of button caps as an extra.

The Game Commander features high quality Cherry MX style mechanical keyboard switches as used by Razer, logitech etc, and our own custom military/aerospace style key caps, Our switches have a tactile bump and a satisfying light click sound equivalent to the Cherry MX ones.

Game Commander works with Windows PC and functions as a joystick or Game Controller device which works right out of the box for 95% of games. For the small number of games out there that do not support game controllers you can use the joy-to-key programming utility. Which has all sorts of cool features to create custom key mapping etc.

Game Commander works great for keyboard and mouse games. The key caps are approx. 25% bigger than standard key caps which makes it easier to hit the right button in the heat of the action.


What you get:

  • Game Commander GCOM-1 unit
  • Military themed decals
  • Military Button Set 1 (46 interchangeable buttons)
  • USB Cable


Product Specifications:

  • Width: 210mm
  • Depth: 220mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Weight: 1.06kg
  • Wired vis USB Cable (supplied)
  • Product materials: Mild steel case with ABS plastic keycaps
  • Key switches: Gaming grade mechanical switches with a satisfying click.




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