Dragon War Hepaestus Pro Gaming Mouse


Dragon War Hepaestus Pro Gaming Mouse

Product description

Our ergonomic gaming mouse for PC is designed to give you the extra edge you need to outdo the competition without tiring out your hands. The gaming mouse is carefully designed using a honeycomb design that’s both ergonomic and provides a secure grip around the mouse allowing your palm to naturally bend to help reduce finger fatigue. With adjustable DPI, you can get the performance you want while the long USB cable allows you to move it around with ease making it perfect for MOBA and FPS games. It’s simple and quick to set up. Just plug and play, it’s really that simple. RGB lighting allows you to choose the colors you want to set the right mood. You can customize macros and adjust the lighting quickly through the included software while the DPI adjusting button allows you to change it on the fly making it perfect for gamers that don’t want to make compromises. Enjoy gaming for longer while keeping your hands comfortable with our ergonomic gaming mouse!

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