Donkey Kong Themed Upright Arcade Machine for Home Bar, games room, Man-cave

$2,061.00 $2,383.00 -14% OFF

Donkey Kong Themed Upright Arcade Machine for Home Bar, games room, Man-cave

$2,061.00 $2,383.00 -14% OFF
Product description

🎮 Introducing the Ultimate Retro Gaming Experience: The Donkey Kong Themed Retro Arcade Machine! 🍌

Are you ready to embark on a nostalgic journey back to the golden age of gaming? Picture this: Your very own home bar or games room, adorned with the pièce de résistance - a stunning Donkey Kong-themed retro arcade machine. This fantastic piece of gaming history is not just a machine; it's a time-traveling portal to the 80s, and it's the perfect present for the 50-year-old men in your life.

🕹️ 15,000 Classic Arcade Games:
This isn't just about Donkey Kong; it's about an entire universe of classic arcade games at your fingertips. With 15,000 games from the arcade's golden era, you'll find yourself lost in a world of pixelated excitement. From Pac-Man's labyrinth to the high-octane thrills of Street Fighter II and the iconic adventures of Mario, there's something for every gaming enthusiast to relish.

🚀 Relive the Glory Days:
Remember the days when you spent countless hours at the arcade, striving for the high score? With this arcade machine, those days are back! Feel the rush of nostalgia as you guide Mario through barrels and platforms to save the princess or dodge ghosts in the dark corridors of Pac-Man's maze. It's like stepping back in time without leaving the comfort of your home.

🍻 Perfect for the Home Bar:
Your home bar just got a lot more exciting! Imagine sharing a few drinks with friends and challenging them to a friendly Donkey Kong competition. The excitement and laughter that ensue are priceless. This arcade machine is not just a gaming experience; it's the centerpiece of your home entertainment, elevating every get-together into a memorable event.

🧔 A Gift for the Ages:
Why is this the perfect gift for a 50-year-old man? Because it's a journey back to their youth. It's a celebration of the era when they first fell in love with gaming. It's a tangible connection to their fondest memories. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or just to show your appreciation, this arcade machine is a gift that will bring joy and nostalgia like no other.

📺 Stunning Donkey Kong Theme:
Our Donkey Kong-themed arcade machine isn't just about the games; it's also a work of art. With vibrant artwork inspired by the iconic game, it's a conversation starter and a statement piece in any room.

Don't miss out on the chance to turn your home into a retro gaming paradise! The Donkey Kong Themed Retro Arcade Machine with 15,000 classic arcade games is more than just a piece of gaming equipment; it's an invitation to relive the past, create new memories, and share timeless fun with friends and family. Get ready to hit that start button and immerse yourself in the world of retro gaming magic! 🎉🕹️

  • 15,000+ games
  • Illuminated Donkey Kong marquee
  • Themed Donkey Kong bezel
  • Stunning artwork - Donkey Kong style
  • 24” FHD screen
  • 120-watt stereo speakers with a kick-a** sub-woofer (don’t worry, you can control the volume or use headphones)
  • Quality 8-way American style joysticks
  • Special illuminated light panel - Illuminated buttons and control panel edging.
  • Remote controlled multi-colour under glow
  • Rear castors for easy tilt and move
  • Hi-score save (most arcade games)
  • Full size - height 168cm x width 64cm x max depth 60cm
  • Our machines are hand built in Great Britain and come fully assembled.
  • 1 year full warranty - by phone, on-site or back to base warranty. 
  • Contact us for a GAMES LIST

Your Donkey Kong arcade machine will arrive ready to play - just plug in - no internet required. All the games provided with the machine are free of charge - your warranty covers both the hardware & games.

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