Defender Themed Upright Arcade Machine - Retro Arcade

$1,931.00 $2,188.00 -12% OFF

Defender Themed Upright Arcade Machine - Retro Arcade

$1,931.00 $2,188.00 -12% OFF
Product description

Defender style Arcade Machine for sale - ALL of the best features we like in an arcade machine.

These arcade machines are assembled with no compromises, they are premium quality Arcade Machines manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and highest specifications possible.


  • 15,000+ games
  • Illuminated marquee
  • Themed bezel
  • Stunning artwork - Defender Themed Artwork
  • 24” HD screen
  • 120-watt speakers with a kick-a** sub-woofer (don’t worry, you can control the volume or use headphones)
  • Quality 8-way American style joysticks
  • Illuminated buttons with chrome surround
  • Remote controlled multi-colour under glow
  • Rear castors for easy tilt and move
  • Hi-score save (most games)
  • Full size - height 168cm x width 64cm x max depth 60cm
  • Our machines are hand built in Great Britain and come fully assembled.


Want to see what excellent games are included? Take a look at The full games list.

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