FireFox | Wireless Multi-Platform GamePad Game Controller


FireFox | Wireless Multi-Platform GamePad Game Controller

Product description

Make Way for FireFox the Ultimate all-in-one Wireless Game Controller.

Designed with input from Pro-Gamers Firefox offers the ultimate in versatility, comfort, and performance gaming.

Multi-Platform Support

The Controller is compatible with PC, Nintendo Switch, PS3, Smart TV's, all Smart phones, Support for Tablet, Console or Cloud gaming) 

Firefox Multi-Platform Game Controller

The design incorporates two highly precise thumbsticks for accurate and precise control, and low latency buttons for ultra fast shooting. 

Firefox Mobile Game Controller Info panel

The Amazing FireFox Gaming Controller Connect Via Bluetooth and has a long-life Lithium-Polymer battery for up to 12 hours continuous gaming.

  • [ Supports Multiple Platforms ] Works with PC, Switch, PS3, Smart TV, Ipad, Iphone, Andoid.
  • [ Wireless Connection  ] Utilises BlueTooth 2.4Ghz Strong signalfor long distance working from console.
  • [ Long Battery Life ] Offers up to 12hrs continuous gameplay.
  • [ Precision Thumbsticks ] Highly Precise Pro-Gaming thumbsticks for accurate control.
  • [ Ultra Responsive D-Pad ] Pr-Gaming standard responsive D-Pad for quick movement.
  • [ Low Latency Buttons ] Special Low Latency buttons for ultra fast shooting.
  • [ Comfortable ] Ergonomic Design with soft Silicone Rubber Gaming Grips.
  • [ Lightweight ] You arms won't be aching after a few hours gaming.
  • [ Secure Clip ] Holds Smartphone Safely and securely in place so it won't fall out while playing Mobile Games
  • [ GCOM Quality Assurance ] GCOM High Quality Design and Manufacturing. 100% money back garantee.

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