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Arcade Stick

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The Arcade Stick is GCOM's entry into the arcade fight stick arena. Our Arcade stick is designed for use with Emulators such as MAME as well as PC Arcade Games. 

It has built in support for both keyboard and Joystick operation via a flick switch, a second flick switch changes between Mame one and two player.

The joystick is a Japanese style 8-way switched competition joystick similar to the infamous Sanwa JLF types favoured by the pro's.  However rather than using old school arcade pushbuttons we have paired the arcade stick with gaming keyboard style mechanical key switches, the reason for this choice is simple, SPEED, modern gaming grade keyboard switches are significantly faster and more reliable than retro arcade style switches, plus the smaller profile puts them closer together thus further aiding in response times. Thus the GCOM Arcade stick offers the best of both worlds. 

Our custom 'key caps' are arcade style round buttons with a slightly concave surface, they are slightly smaller than conventional arcade buttons and closer together, giving significantly faster reaction times !

Furthermore, unlike Arcade pushbuttons the Arcade Stick's key caps are easily interchangeable, and we will be making replacement key caps available in a range of themes which is great for modders. If you have access to a UV printer then you can even buy plain ones and print your own designs using our modder templates.

The Arcade Stick is enclosed in a rugged steel enclosure designed to withstand whatever is thrown at it. It is quite compact compared to many of its more bulky competitors, this is deliberate as we wanted something easily portable and able to fit on even a compact gaming desk. Our research data also shows that the compact form factor also enhances player response time. This stick may be slightly unconventional but performance data puts it several micro-seconds ahead of the competition on all metrics. And as any pro will testify, those micro-seconds mean the difference between KO and Victory in competitive fighting games.


  • Competition grade 8-way joystick
  • Gaming grade mechanical key switches, Illuminated.
  • Arcade Style custom key caps
  • Choice of backlight colour and overlay graphic
  • Four built in operating modes, Joystick, Hat Switch, and Keyboard modes.
  • Mame ready mode.
  • Hot Switchable between Mame player 1 and Mame player 2
  • Compact all metal casing is almost indestructible.
  • Supplied with a high quality 2m braided USB Cable



 More info is available on the FAQ page