Virtual Pinball Machine 43" Pinball Table

$3,857.00 $4,507.00 -15% OFF


Virtual Pinball Machine 43" Pinball Table

$3,857.00 $4,507.00 -15% OFF


Product description

We are the only UK distributor for Game-One Virtual Pinball Machines

Virtual Pinball Machines are an awesome choice for any Pinball table enthusiast. You get a huge range of pinball tables to choose from rather than just one and you don't have to worry about all those fiddly moving parts that plague original pinball machines, spares can be hard to source and the pinball machines hard to maintain, you just don't have those issues with a modern virtual pinball machine.

Our Virtual Pinball Tables have flippers and back screens, just like to original Pinballs but the gameplay is on a modern HD monitor screen.

As far as game go you get all the classics and loads of modern games, all on the same table. It's great not having to play the same pinball game over and over again.

Also by purchasing from a renowned games room company that has been in business for 20 years you also have peace of mind that you get world class customer service and ongoing lifetime support from our experienced and friendly team.


Virtual Pinball - Table Dimensions

  • Length 125.5cm
  • Width 81cm
  • Height 187.5cm
  • Weight 

Virtual Pinball - Hardware Specifications

  • Operating System- Windows 7 PC 
  • CPU - Intel G3930
  • Graphics -Nvidia GT 730 2GD5
  • Memory 128GB SSD
  • Games 1107

Virtual Pinball Machine - Despatch Times & Delivery

  • Please note that this product is despatched directly from our supplier in China
  • Delivery time is 15 -25 days
  • The price listed is inclusive of shipping and all import costs.
  • The pinball machine is packed in a wooden crate and delivered to your door.
  • Our Supplier in China is a trusted partner that we have worked with for several years, everything is guaranteed by GCOM Ltd in the UK.

Virtual Pinball - 1107 Games List



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