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Game Commander Setup Guide

The Game Commander is seen by your computer as a 30 button USB Game Controller, in most cases it will be necessary to program the button inputs to work with your game, there are two ways of doing this.

Method 1: In-game controller/joystick programming, this is the easiest and recommended method which relies on the games inbuilt control setup. However not all games have controller or joystick support, in which case you need to use the second method.

 Method 2: Use the Joy-to-key app, This is useful if the game has no controller or joystick support, the joy-to-key app allows you to easily program the device so that each button generates a keyboard input. You can also program various key combo's and macro's so this can be quite useful even if the game does support joystick programming.

First of all download and install the joytokey app from

or Game Commander programming utility

Once installed open the app to show this screen.

  Fig 1

1) To create a new game profile Select: File > New, and enter the game name.

2) If you have more than one game controller connected, then each one appears in a separate tab on the upper right. Select the one that corresponds to the game commander (disconnect the other devices if you are not sure which is which)

3) The right hand pane shows a list of button assignments numbered from 1 - 32. The Game Commander has 30 buttons each one will correspond to one of the button slots numbered 1 - 30. When you press a button on the device its 'slot' will be highlighted in yellow. You can also consult the chart below to see what each buttons assignment number is.

Fig 2

4) Once you have identified the number of the button that you want to assign, either double click it's slot or right click and select the edit option.

5) You will then be presented with the following dialogue screen.

  Fig 3 

To program a single key press, select the first input box then simply press the keyboard button that you want to assign it to and click ok.

The corresponding game commander button will now generate the keyboard button that you have assigned it to. You can quickly test this by opening up a text document and pressing it (this method is quite useful for testing advanced configurations).

To program a key combo, select the first input box then simply press the first keyboard button that you want to assign, usually, this will be shift, ctrl, or alt. Then select the second box underneath, and press the next keyboard button. For example, to program an ALT-A you would put ALT in the first box, and A in the second. When you have finished press OK

Shift, Alt, CTRL, Combo's

If a game requires a lot of key combo's then you might find it useful to program one or more buttons to emulate the shift, alt, or CTRL keys. Doing this will effectively give the Game Commander 81 keyboard inputs !

Advanced programming 

The Joytokey app has a lot of advanced programming options, please consult the joytokey documentation for more details.

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