Bar Top Arcade Machine - 60 or 500 Classic Arcade Games Bar Top Arcade Machine - 60 or 500 Classic Arcade Games
Bar Top Arcade Machine - 60 or 500 Classic Arcade Games from $513.00 $1,287.00
  Table top / Bar top style table arcade machines with a choice of 60 or 516 classic arcade games built in.  These bartop arcade machines are designed and built in the UK, Smaller and more portable than a full sized Cocktail Table Arcade and yet they pack a full Jamma sixty (or 516) multigame arcade PCB with full 19" LCD display and full sized pro arcade joysticks at either end for full two player arcade action. The arcade machine is manufactured to very high specifications, it looks as awesome as it is fun to play. Melamine Coated MDF Cabinet Acrylic Screen Protector Steel control panels 19" Super VGA monitor Genuine Sanwa joysticks. 60 Amazing arcade classics built in, see list below. (can upgrade to 500) Height 11cm, width 36cm, length 80cm. Sound 5w speaker. Free play mode, no coin is needed to play.    Included Games: please note that we are unable to add any other games. 1 Ms Pacman21 Galaga41 Frogger2 Donkey Kong22 Donkey Kong Junior42 Donkey Kong 33 Galaxian23 Dig Dug43 Crush Roller4 Mr. Do24 Space Invaders44 Pacman5 Galaga325 Gyruss45 Tank Battalion6 194226 Ladybug46 Burger Time7 Mappy 27 Centipede47 Millipede8 JR Pacman28 Pengo48 Phoenix9 Time Pilot29 Super Cobra49 Hustler10 Space Panic30 Super Breakout50 New Rally X11 Arkanoid31 Qix51 Juno Frist12 Xevious32 Mr. Do’s Castle52 Moon Cresta13 Pinball Action33 Scramble53 Super Pacman14 Bomb Jack34 Shao-Lin`s Road54 King & Balloon15 194335 Van-Van Car55 Pacman Plus16 Dig Dug 236 Amidar56 Zaxxon17 Pooyan37 Pleiads57 Gun.Smoke18 The End38 1943 Kai58 Congo Bongo19 Jumping Jack39 Ms. Pacman59 Galaga20 Pacman40 Tr. Pacman60 Pacman Plus Each machine comes with a full 12-month manufacture warranty with on-site servicing and repair within the UK, and a GCOM 30 day returns policy.  Please contact our sales team for more information, arrange a viewing, or discuss any special modifications. Call, Text, or Watsapp: 07703565572 or send an email

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