GCOM Arcade fight stick for street fighter Better than mayflash the GCOM Arcade stick
GCOM Arcade Stick for Mame and PC - The Ultimate Arcade Fight Stick from $128.00 $155.00
The GCOM Arcade Stick - The Ultimate Arcade Fight Stick The GCOM Arcade Stick is a top contender in the arcade fight stick arena. Designed for use with Emulators like MAME and PC Arcade Games. Featuring a competition-grade joystick, gaming-grade mechanical key switches, and custom key caps, the GCOM Arcade Stick offers the best of both worlds. Unleash Your Gaming Performance The joystick is a Japanese style 8-way switched competition joystick, similar to the infamous Sanwa JLF types favored by professionals. However, we have paired it with gaming keyboard-style mechanical key switches for enhanced speed and reliability. Our custom 'key caps' are arcade-style round buttons with a slightly concave surface, designed for faster reaction times. They are easily interchangeable, allowing you to customize your Arcade Stick with our range of themes or even print your own designs using our modder templates. Compact and Durable Design The GCOM Arcade Stick is enclosed in a rugged steel enclosure, designed to withstand intense gaming sessions. Its compact form factor is deliberate, making it easily portable and able to fit on even a compact gaming desk. Research data shows that the compact size enhances player response time. Key Features: Competition-grade 8-way joystick Gaming-grade mechanical key switches with illumination Arcade-style custom key caps Choice of backlight color and overlay graphic Four built-in operating modes: Joystick, Hat Switch, and Keyboard modes MAME ready mode Hot switchable between MAME player 1 and MAME player 2 Compact all-metal casing for durability Supplied with a high-quality 2m braided USB Cable For more information, visit our FAQ page.
StreamPad - Elgato Stream-deck alternative StreamPad - Elgato Stream-deck alternative
StreamPad - Elgato Stream-deck alternative $115.00
StreamPad is the perfect accessory for streamers and content creators. The compact 5" x 4" footprint takes up minimal desk space whilst the twelve large round LED illuminated buttons are so easily accessible that you won't need to take your eye of the camera. We deliberatly designed the StreamPad (TM) to be a low cost and simple to use alternative to the Elgato Stream-deck it's also better built and more reliable. The StreamPad has 12 high quality mechanical key switches, and comes with a selection of 32 interchangeable key-caps featuring a range of social media and streaming icons. There is no software or app required to use the StreamPad as it works right out of the box with most streaming and recording software* (some software may require button assignments) so it's an absolute snap to get up and running, (with Nvidia shadowplay for instance you really just need to plug in the USB cable and you're good to go) With it's unbreakable full metal casing which is powder coated in glossy white, gaming grade key switches, and ABS key caps, you can be sure that this piece of kit won't fail you at some critical moment. StreamPad is built to industrial spec for professional use but at the low price that even a casual streamer can justify. StreamPad is entirely plug & play with a USB C connector so you can connect it to any PC, Laptop, or Mac.
Game Commander - HOTAS Companion Game Commander - HOTAS Companion
Game Commander - HOTAS Companion $123.00
HOTAS Joysticks Input Companion The Game Commander is an advanced button box style input device with an unique feature, the key caps are interchangeable, and with a range of key cap sets available from GCOM the Game Commander can be put to use with all of your favourite PC games. Designed to withstand abuse, even in the toughest gaming situations the unit itself was designed like a piece of military hardware. The casing is heavy duty steel plate which is powder coated black. The heavy duty interchangeable key caps are injection moulded from translucent ABS plastic and backlit in a choice of coloured LED's. Game Commander comes supplied with a removable heavy duty USB type B cable. Although supplied with a generic set of translucent key caps, additional key caps are available in a range of themes offering almost unlimited customizations, so it is perfect for modders. The Game Commander features Cherry MX clone mechanical keyboard switches as used by Razer, and our own military/aerospace style key caps. Game Commander works with Windows PC and functions as a joystick with 30 buttons which works right out of the box for 95% of games, for the small number of games that insist on keyboard inputs you can use the joy-to-key programming utility. Game Commander Setup Guide Game Commander works great for keyboard and mouse games and is also the perfect companion to HOTAS joystick setups* for use with games such as Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous or Flight Simulator 2020.  With a Game Commander at your side you will feel invincible in even the toughest of battles. Product Specifications: Width: 210mm Depth: 220mm Height: 35mm Weight: 1.06kg Wired vis USB Cable (supplied) Product materials: Mild steel case with ABS plastic keycaps Key switches: Gaming grade mechanical switches with a satisfying click. *Saitek X52 Joystick pictured for demonstration purposes only.

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