Thrustmaster TCS Review

Thrustmaster TCS Review

Thrustmaster TCS Review

So I finally got around to swapping out the Saitek X52 for a shiny new Thrustmaster TCS HOTAS.

It felt a bit strange at first having a throttle that slides rather than pivoting as most throttle units seem to do, but I got used to that fairly quickly. Although the the Thrustmaster joystick feels fairly substantial it has fewer buttons on the joystick itself, And they are less user friendly than on the Saitek X52, but hey that is just one more good reason to use the Game Commander.

Another slight disappointment with the Thrustmaster was that I was expecting more LED illumination. Obviously the Game Commander makes up for that, but I am surprised that there was none at all on the throttle

Game Commander button box for Elite Dangerous


Overall the setup functions very nicely for use with Elite Dangerous. You can see from the photo above how the Game Commander sits comfortably between the Joystick and Throttle, and is far more practical, and immersive than having a keyboard sat there.

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