New Product - Battlezone Themed Upright Arcade Machine

New Product - Battlezone Themed Upright Arcade Machine

The latest addition to our awesome upright arcade machine range is this absolutely stunning Battlezone themed arcade machine.

The cabinet is a full-sized arcade cabinet boasting over 15,000 retro games, so if your mate has been down the pub bragging about getting one of those pint sized Arcade1Up machines with 5 or 6 games then he will be completely blown away when he sees this beast of an arcade machine taking pride of place in your man cave.

Built from 19mm MDF and with truly gorgeous Battle Zone artwork and jaw dropping illuminated marquee this machine really stands out from the crown.

Combined with the usual high end hardware that are used in all of our upright arcade machines, such as the competition pro arcade joysticks, and the thumping logitech sound system, you will be hard pressed to find a better arcade machine available anywhere in the UK. In fact I can gurantee that you won't.

But before you rush of to place an order let me tell you my own story that is the background to my own fascination with Battlezone classic arcade game.

Back in the late 1980's when I was a teenager, we used to hang out at a club in stoke on Trent known as 'The Place'. We used top go on kids night which was every Sunday and they didn't serve alchohol so we had to buy it at the local corner shop and smuggle it in, ah those were the days....

Anyway in the 'chill out lounge' of this club there was a games room, which had a collection of arcade machines and a pool table. Among the arcades was an original Battle Zone. I found myself playing the arcades with some break dancing guy called Robbie Williams, who was a bit of a show off on the dancefloor to be honest.

Well we often tussed over the arcades, and sometimes fights would break out if people were left queing for too long to have a turn, yep it was that kind of club.

But of all the games in that arcade, Battle Zone was always my favourite. 


 If you've not played BattleZone, it is a futuristic tank shooter combat game set in a first person perspective. Released by ATARI in November 1980 It was quite outstanding at the time with its 3D wireframe graphics displayed on a Vector Monitor which makes it the first truly 3D Video game, and its clever use of dual arcade joysticks to control the tank. 

Our latest arcade doesn't have a vector monitor sadly, but the 3D graphics are rendered pretty damn nicely on the 24" HD screen used in our upright arcade machines, and as a small bonus there are no less than 15,000 other games ready to play, so if you ever do get bored of Battle Zone there are plenty more nostalgic arcade games for you to get enthralled with.

Check out the battlezone styled arcade machne on out store page

Well I was never any good at dancing but we had hours of fun in the Place arcade, oh that Breakdancing Kid, he went on to sell a few records and became somewhat famous but I always remember him as the guy in the arcade playing battlezone.

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