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GCOM Gaming is a global company but is proud to support British Manufacturing and is a registered member of 'Made in Britain'. 

British made products have a reputation the world over for innovation and quality, and we are enthusiastic exporters of our in house designed products which are manufactured by ourselves here in the UK, this includes the 'ArcadeStick', 'StreamPad', and 'Game Commander' product lines. 

Due to the globalized nature of the world today we must source some products and components from overseas, and are perfectly happy to do so where nescessary, but do so only where a British made equivalent is not available.

Our enormously popular 'DragonWar' range of PC gaming accessories are manufactured by our partners in Hong Kong and we ensure that only the highest standards are adhered to and have close oversight on the entire supply chain to ensure ethical procurement and employment practices are strictly enforced.

For our gaming furniture and arcade products we work with several manufacturing partners who are also based in Great Britain. These contract manufacturers are for the most part small business's who are passionate about the products that they make, and we think these small British business's deserve as much support as they can get, for many of them GCOM Gaming has become their link to the global marketplace as we continue to expand our sales channels around the world and continue to champion British manufacturing at every opportunity.


Q: How do I know were the product I am buying is manufactured ?
A: Products that are made in Britain will display the 'Made in Britain' Logo on the product page. All other products will have the country of origin on the product packaging and may be listed in the product specifications.
Q: What warranty is offered on imported products
A: We offer a 12 month warranty as standars on everything that we sell regardless of where it was made. Some products offer a 2 year warranty and this will be stated on the product page.
Q: What is the lead time on your made to order products.
A: We work with several manufacturing partners and they all have different operational process's and manufacturing capacities. The lead time will be stated on the products description, having said that it is generally around 5-10 days for most of our suppliers. At peak seasons (Christmas) it can be longer.

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