GCOM ArcadeStick new video ad

GCOM ArcadeStick new video ad

GCOM ArcadeStick is a gaming joytick designed for use with arcade games and retro gaming platforms such as Antream arcade, Mame, etc.. It is very flexible and can easily be used with DOS Games or any emulated game platform via a PC.

ArcadeStick features a high quality 8-way arcade joystick mounted into a compact steel enclosure, ten Arcade style illuminated key-caps mounted on Kailhua gaming keyswitches.

The unit is controlled by a 32bit Microprocessor for ultra-fast response times and has six built in operating moded (Joystick, Hat switch, keyboard WASD, Keyboard Arrows, and MAME default for Player 1 and Player 2) For arcade games it is possible to connect two ArcadeSticks and set one to P1 and the other to P2

The Key Caps can be removed and alternate sets are available to make modding easy, the Joystick can be accessed via a removeable base plate should you want to swap it.

Arcade stick brings your PC based retro gaming to life.

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