Complete your Games Room with one of our Retro Jukeboxes

Complete your Games Room with one of our Retro Jukeboxes

No Games room, or home bar could be considered complete without the addition of a Retro themed Jukebox. Those who are old enough will remember when every club, pub, and bar in the country had a jukebox as the main source of musical entertainment. Now you can re-create that nostalgic Jukebox vibe right in your own home.

GCOM has partnered with a prestigious UK manufacturer to supply a range of Retro Themed Jukeboxes that suite a wide range of budgets. all of our Jukeboxes use the latest in modern technology and provide awesome sound quality from a classic styled piece of bar history.

We have mini jukeboxes that are small enough to sit on a shelf and still pack an impressive sound quality. and we also have full-sized floor mounted jukeboxes with an impresssive audio output and a range of input methods.


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