Back to the Future Virtual Pinball with over 750 tables

Back to the Future Virtual Pinball with over 750 tables

Virtual Pinball Machine with 32" screen

32" playfield with 19" backglass, height with legs 1.3m, width 86cm long, 42.5cm wide.

Over 750+ pinball tables on one machine... All the latest and greatest for you to enjoy either alone or with mates.

These are built to order and the quality of the finish is second to no-one else in the industry. We have built our reputation on high-quality machines and s first class service.

This virtual pinball table comes with sturdy chrome legs which you need to attach yourself (this is straightforward as each leg just requires two bolts)


Product details

  • Industry standard 18mm black melamine coated MDF pinball cabinat which is scratch and moisture resistant.
  • 32" HD 1080p x 1920 1ms response time pinball game screen
  • 19" backglass screen for score and instructions etc.
  • Full 3mm Perspex protection for both screens
  • Full stereo speaker and amplifier control
  • Bally chrome Pinball Machine legs including levelers
  • Dedicated radeon graphics card
  • SSD drive for faster loading
  • Chrome LED buttons
  • Full Chrome T-molding trims
  • Quad core PC

This may be not quite full size, but it is more than full when it comes to games play, with its 32" playfield, its big enough for serious enjoyment but not too big to fit almost anywhere.

These Pinball Machines are custom built to order. Don't delay ordering because you have to be in our production queue to get one, the lead time is around 10 days plus 2-3 days shipping.

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