Arcade Fight Stick Now with Sanwa Joysticks

Arcade Fight Stick Now with Sanwa Joysticks

GCOM Arcade Stick Now Has Sanwa Joystick Option

Sanwa Joysticks are the favourite stick of many Fighing Game enthusistas, especially Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat players seem to favour the Sanwa Brand of Arcade Joysticks for use with their Fight Sticks.

Of Course there are those who prefer the looser feel of the GCOM Stick, or the sloppy feel of the ones used on the Mad Catz Fightstick, for example, well everyone has their own preference when it comes to Fight Sticks.

So we decided to give our players the choice of the looser Joystick similar to the Madcatz Fightstick Alpha, or the Firmer and perhaps slight more responsive sanwa Joysticks.

The GCOM arcade stick has four mounting bolts underneath (inside) the metal enclosure, this are a standard fitting for most arcade joysticks that are fitted this way.

Of Course if you buy the standard Arcade Stick that we sell then you could buy a replacement joystick and make the swap yourself, this is because the joytick part of the GCOM arcade stick is designed to be customizeable. However not everyone is confident of messing around inside their arcade controllers so we therefore give the option of buying thois stick with the upgrade already performed for you.

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