Time Pilot Arcade Game Review

Time Pilot Arcade Game Review

Time Pilot is one of my all time favourite arcade games.

I fondly remember this game from the arcades of my youth and especially I remember playing it on the cocktail table arcade machine in my grandads social club West Street Club in my home town of Leek, it was also one of the games used in many arcades up and down the country, both on the classic arcade table and upright arcade machine form factors.


Time pilot was published in 1982 by Centuri. Since 1977, Centuri has released Other arcade games produced by Centuri during this time  include the Loco-Motion, Tunnel Hunt, Aztarac, Munch Mobile, Pleiades, Challenger, Vanguard, Route 16 and Pit, all of which were great arcade games.


The player's controls a single jet fighter, positioned in the center of the screen, the fighter can rotate around 180 degrees and the screen moves around it. There are several levels and the completion of one level sees the jet transported forward in time to the next level where the enemies become more advanced and dangerous. The first level involves shooting down shoots down World War I biplanes, level 2  World War II era fighters, then 1970s helicopters, followed by 1980s era jets and finally futuristic UFOs all the while trying to rescue co-pilots and avoid bombs, missiles and other enemies fire.
Personal Impressions and Technical Impressions each account for half of the total score. In the Personal Impressions category, likes have a slightly higher weight than other factors. Log in to review this game! Cabinet Style Weights and Dimensions Type Upright/Standard (£27 - TNT Amusements) Game Description Your plane is a sleek jet that moves through five different eras, each with different enemies. Periods are: 1910 Biplane and Glider 19 0 WWII Monoplane and B-25 1970 Helicopters 1982 or 1983 Year Varies Jets and U 21 FO22 ROM versions. The background of the first four ages is the sky with clouds, but the background of the fifth age is space with asteroids. Gameplay During missiles (eg helicopters and jets) mostly disable attack missiles. To collect bonus points, focus on shooting down entire squadrons, which are signaled by the sound of sirens. You can also save flying parachutes while fighting enemies. You must destroy 56 normal ships to spawn a mother ship, then you must destroy the mother ship by shooting it with seven direct hits. Once the mother ship is destroyed, all other ships are destroyed and then your jet moves to the next time period. Once you've completed all five time periods, the game restarts on hard. Miscellaneous LICENSOR: Konami There are many home versions of 1980s game systems and computers, the best ht and Street Fighter series. Legacy Time Pilot (1982) Time Pilot '8 (198 )
Here is a video of Time Pilot played using a GCOM Arcade Stick

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