Why not take a visit (or pilgrimage) to the National Video Game Museam

Why not take a visit (or pilgrimage) to the National Video Game Museam

The National Video Game Museam is an awesome venue located in Sheffield, If you like video games and have an interest in the history of gaming then the NVG is definately one place that you should visit. TBH for us retro gaming nerds is not so much a day out as a pilgrimage.

Located in Sheffield city Centre the National Video Game Museam hosts a huge collection of Arcade Machines, Retro Gaming Console and lots of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming micro computers from the early days of video gaming.

Original space invaders arcade




The museams stated goal is to catalogue, collect, and preserve the rich history of video games. The museam has a large range of interactive displays and exhibits with such delights as an authentic Space Invaders Arcade Machine, and an original Famcom console







There are several display areas and with over 100 playable exhibits there is something for everyone of all ages. The Museam encourages people to engage and even tries to encourage people to design their own video games.

Open every day during the school holidays the NVM is well worth a visit

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